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    AnnaSteiner Education

    My background is in Steiner based special needs teaching. I have a BA and spend 5 years living and working in residential special needs school in scenic Scotland. I loved mountain climbing, canoeing and going on walks and picnics with the kids. Fast forward past a gap year (cut short to 6 months, but that's another srory...) in India working with adults with additional support needs, back home. Home quickly became where I met my wonderful husband, we hopped about, Dorset, Brighton and Bristol. I worked as a support worker and PA for youngsters who were wheelchair bound as well as for the deafblind charity Sense. So many new experiences gained and a deepened understanding of how the physical world isn't necessarily set up to make life easy for those with different abilities. In all those jobs there was something missing so in Bristol I went back to work at the Steiner school. I was assistant in the Playgroup (3/4 year olds). I struggled at times, I didn't always find it easy but I learned so much and in many ways felt like I had come 'home'...
    AnnaThe Early Years

    In the early years Steiner education the simple rhythm of the day, week,seasons really spoke to me. The natural toys from nature without specific,limiting forms, were great. The imagination was flowing for the children and there was no limit to what the wooden boxes, blocks, shells and pinecones would become next!Fast forward a bit further and we decided that Torquay would be a good place to start our family. A wonderful son is born, I'm born as a Mama and my husband takes on a new role as Papa. We grow, stumble and learn from each other. I miss a circle of likeminded friends.
    AnnaFast forward

    I'm keen to share the fun that can be had out in the woods no matter what the weather.
    The right clothes, whether that's a good sunhat or full waterproofs, and the right attitude are the best way to make the most of these sessions. Be keen to get stuck in, get muddy, covered in grass stains, climb up trees, swing in the hammock and build dens.
    On arrival children are told the days activities and given the option to help with campfire building, whilst parents sit and chat together. Once the fire has established itself we go and get active!Each week there's a difference challenge chosen from the activity menu. Den building, slack line walking, sling shot making and tree climbing just to name a few favourites.
    This is a loosely structured time of exploration as a group which leads in to group games (usually decided by the kids themselves).
    AnnaHere and Now

    As I've become more passionate about enabling everyone to enjoy nature I'm now taking on further training and (in my copious amounts of spare time ahem ahem...) completing The Muddy Puddle Teacher training and a Level 3 forest school leader training. I'm so happy and blessed to be able to share my love for creating a safe nourishing space where parents can connect and build friendships, a stimulating yet simple space where children can grow and learn through engaging with the World around them, along with parents.It's all thanks to the trust of the parents who join that the groups are flourishing.
    So here's a thanks to the parents and children who come and play.
    To those who share, recommend and support for what I do. To the supportive family that I hold close to me.