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    Welcome To the Parent And Child Page.

    A welcome home awaits you, a (warm) drink, comfy sofas and peaceful surroundings for parents to settle and chat to other parents. A space to be supported and find support. A space to relax and reach out. A space to build friendships and connections with likeminded parents. A place to form a supportive 'tribe'.

    For the children there are toys a plenty. Nature based open ended toys. Wooden rainbows, branch blocks, wooden pirate ship, farm animals and much much more. All chosen to encourage creative and imaginitive play. All chosen because of their positive influence on creating what is one minute a house, the next minute a car and tomorrow a sailing ship.

    Whilst play flows a craft, cooking or baking activity is offered. No need to force your child to participate, if they enjoy playing don't interrupt the flow, if they are intrested they will come and join. There's always something to take home that you've created.

    You'll hear the tidy up song which shows it's time to clear the space for seasonal songs and games to be played in our circle time. Once again children are gently encouraged but not forced to join.

    We hope that by having adult participation, children will soin see the fun and join in. Imitation is after all a great learning tool at this young age. A quick toilet break is followed by sitting round the table to share vegan snacks. A candle will be lit abd blown out at the end to show the completion of our snack time. After such focused time being absorbed in the important eating activity we will head outside for a walk and play.

    The session ends with once more coming together to listen to a seasonal story. Stories are simple and will be repeated over a number of weeks so children can grow familiar with the characters abd flow of their adventures. Wooden and handmade props are used to make the story accessible to all. A short play saying hello to all the story animals and characters and it's time to say goodbye to all our friends!!